Albert T. GRIFFIN, Jr.

An early picture of Buck and two of his brothers.

Fred - Buck - Henry

Albert Jr. was always just plain old "Uncle Buck" to us youngsters when I was growing up. I do not remember Mattie, his first wife but I remember Ruby.

Buck was born in  Dec 1909, in Clayton County, GA to Albert Thomas Sr. and Mary Maude Belcher Griffin.

Buck died 19 Oct 1984 in Douglasville, Douglas County, GA.


Buck married Mattie (Unknown). I am not sure if the children were Mattie's by a first marriage or if Buck was the father. I do know there were two children:    

Donald Lindsey Griffin and "Sister" Griffin                                                         

                                                                                                      (Buck and Mattie - 1973)


I have no information on Mattie so to add anything would be speculation. I only knew the children as Donnie and Sister when we were growing up.


Buck later married Ruby (Unknown).



This picture is of Sister, Donnie, Ruby, and Buck in Douglasville, GA in July of 1963.


bulletHe appeared on the Federal census in 1910 in Clayton County, GA with his parents as 8 months old
bulletHe appeared on the Federal census in 1920 in Henry County, GA as Albert T. Jr., 10 years old.
bulletHe appeared on the Federal census in 1930 in Clayton County, GA, Clayton County Farms, Greenhouse, and Prison Camp (White - Male - 20).

Uncle Buck lived in Douglasville, GA when I knew him. His other brothers and sisters moved around the Atlanta and Ellijay area but Buck stayed put on his farm in Douglasville. To the best of my memory, Uncle Buck worked at some type of rock quarry in Douglas County.

Uncle Buck sold a few acres to his nephew George Griffin, Sr. about the mid 70's and George and his family moved into a trailer on the acres next door.