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Francis William Griffin, grandson

Henry was born on May 8, 1902, probably in Henry County Georgia. He is the third child of Albert and Maude Belcher Griffin.

It appears that Henry moved to Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia,  in the late 1930's  or very early 1940's. The best information I can gather is that Clay and Fred, Henry's brothers moved to Ellijay first and purchased property. When Fred was killed in a boiler explosion in 1941, Albert and Maude inherited his property and moved to Ellijay. Henry may have been there before but more than likely he came with or shortly after his parents. Henry lived with his parents and then stayed with his mother in the old house in Ellijay until she became unable to care for herself. When his mother moved in with his sister in Douglasville, Georgia, Henry continued there alone.

Sometime before his move to Ellijay, Henry met Doshie Stratton of Robbinsville, NC, and the two of them produced a son, George William Griffin, Sr.

Henry seemed to always have something going on with jobs. I never knew him to hold down an 8 to 5 in his life. As far as I know, he was always into tree trimming. When I was a youngster of 12, I started working with him in the summer and on the week ends. I never knew where we were going - one trip might be Atlanta, the next might be Chattanooga. We traveled all over North Georgia, Southeastern Tennessee, and even into Southwestern North Carolina.

Henry was a pack rat - a junk collector. The woods behind Granny's house used to be littered with his treasures. I was along when he collected some of them - you had to stay on your toes because if something was shining in the ditch, he would stop in the middle of the road in traffic and get it.

One of my fondest memories of this collection is the time Henry would spend with my wife after we were married and visited. He would take her to every item almost and explain and show her what it was or why he had it. The two of them became instant friends. If there was anything that Sarah wanted, Henry would fish it out and give it to her.

There are many stories I could tell about my grandfather but I will not try to do it here. I think I will save them for other times later when I can reminisce and write them down for my children to enjoy or ponder over later.

Henry was living with his sister Nanny in Douglasville, Georgia when he was taken to Kennesaw Hospital and died in December of 1975.

Henry was never married that anyone can discover, but he did father at least two boys, and I find out later in my life that it was possibly three. With Doshie he had George William  and with Lucille Newberry he had William Henry Jr., who was called Wayne.

George William Griffin, Sr.   1924-1985


William Henry Griffin, Jr.

This is an early picture of Henry and his father Albert. This picture was discovered in a charm on a bracelet owned by Henry's sister Nannie. Her grandson Charles Brooks worked with it to get it to this stage to share with the family.
An early photo of Fred, Albert Jr., and Henry, probably taken in the early 1920's. The location is probably Henry or Clayton County, Georgia.
Photo of William Henry Griffin, Sr.

The felt hat, the glasses, and the overalls were always his trademark.

One of the few pictures of Henry in a suit.
With Henry on the left and George on the right, could the man in the middle be the third son? I have tried to determine if this might be his brother Fred but the features do not quite match up. With all the older family members gone now, this question may never be answered.

William Henry Griffin

William Henry Griffin, son of Albert Thomas Griffin, Sr. and Mary Maude Belcher, was born on 8 May 1902, and died on 16 Dec 1975 in Cobb County, Georgia [Kennesaw Hospital] at age 73. He was buried in the Ellijay Cemetery. Henry was living with his sister Nanny in Douglasville, Georgia when he was taken to Kennesaw Hospital and died. Henry never married that anyone can find record of but he is credited with at least two relationships that produced children.

[1] Doshie Stratton, daughter of James Robert (Bob) Stratton and Candace [Kandis] Carringer,  was born on 15 Dec 1900 in Robbinsville, Graham County, NC and died on 16 Jun 1974 in Atlanta, Fulton County, GA at age 73. She was buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Fulton County, GA. The cause of her death was Heart Attack.

Doshie was married at a young age to Charles Deaton in North Carolina and they had three children, Hardy, Flora, and Annie Mae. About 1923, Doshie and Charlie were living in Georgia when they divorced. It was shortly afterward that she met Henry.

George William Griffin, Sr.  was born on 8 Jan 1926 and died on 25 Nov 1985 in Douglasville, GA at age 59. He was buried on 28 Nov 1985 in Turniptown Cemetery. The cause of his death was Third stroke in 1985. George was buried on Thanksgiving Day, 1985

George married Rebecca Inez Lanning, daughter of Andrew Thomas Lanning and Minnie Ann Cochran, on 10 Oct 1942 in Gilmer County, GA. The marriage ended in divorce. Rebecca was born on 4 Jul 1920 in Ralston, Gilmer County, GA and died on 19 Jan 1981 in Dalton, Whitfield County, GA at age 60. She was buried on 21 Jan 1981 in Turniptown Cemetery. The cause of her death was Coronary heart failure. George and Inez had four children: Francis William, Barbara Sue, Fred Franklin, and George William, Jr. Two of these children are still living in January of 2005.

George next married Sarah Virginia Hogsed, daughter of Max Guy and Rosell Cole Hogsed. Sarah was born in 1931 and died on 7 Jan 2001 at age 70. She was buried on 10 Jan 2001 in Turniptown Cemetery. Virginia had two children, Martha Ann and Jerry when she and George were married. George and Virginia had five children: Betty Jean, Robert James (Jim), Albert William (Willie), Georgia Ann, and Thomas Wayne. Five of these children are still living in January of 2005.

[2]  Lucille Newberry next came into Henry's life in a relationship that produced one child: William Henry.

William Henry Griffin, Jr. -- Wayne or Little Henry were the names most often associated with this child.

Other generations of descendants are available but are not published here to protect their privacy.