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Francis William Griffin, great-nephew

Lois  was born November 1917,  probably in Henry County Georgia. She is the eighth and last child of Albert and Maude Belcher Griffin.

Lois married William Henry Dutton, Sr. and they began their family in the Atlanta area. I can remember a time or two that we visited their home. I was too young to remember too much at the time though. I can remember their coming with their children to Ellijay to visit Maude at her home. To me it was always a joy to meet and play with the relatives. The hills there in Ellijay seemed to sing with the sounds of young boys and girls shouting and giggling and laughing.

The photo on the left was taken at the funeral of their nephew, Ted Brooks in 1939. It is the only photo I have of both Lois and Henry.

Lois and Henry had six children.

Jackie Dutton [1937 - 1986] William Henry Dutton, Jr. [Deceased]
[Hank] William Alvin Dutton   [1947 -         ] Madge Dutton [Deceased]
Magdalene Dutton Mary Ester Dutton [Deceased]

Tragedy struck the Dutton home on April 7, 1954 when Henry was struck by a train while walking on the railroad tracks in NW Atlanta. He was killed instantly and Lois was left with a family to raise.

Some years later, Lois met and married William [Bill] Turner. There were no children as a result of this union.

Lois joined Henry in death on April 9, 1988.

I lost track of the Dutton family when I moved back to North Carolina in 1972 but from information I have gathered from other family members, death has visited numerous times. Hank and Maggie are the only two of the family still living as I understand it. I am trying to re-establish contact with a member of the Dutton family to try to update my family history of them.


Lois M. Griffin Dutton

Lois M. Griffin Dutton


Lois and her four youngest children - Hank, Madge, Maggie, and Mary in June of 1960

William Henry Dutton, Jr. school picture

Henry died of cancer in 1997


 Frances Dutton, wife of Little Henry, and Lois

Frances died in 1999

Maggie Dutton

Maggie Dutton

Mary Ester Dutton