Andrew Thomas Family

Lanning Group Picture at Turniptown
   Francis Marion children group photo at Turniptown
Andrew Lanning
   Andrew Thomas Lanning, son of Francis Marion Lanning
Minnie Lanning
   Old photo of Minnie Cochran Lanning, wife of Andrew
Andrew and Minnie Lanning
   Andrew and Minnie Cochran Lanning
Andrew and Bill Lanning
   Francis Willard and Andrew at home in East Ellijay
Andrew-Inez-George Lanning
   Inez, George, and Andrew at Turniptown
   Early days on Turniptown with Andrew behind the plow with Mary, George, and Homer doing the hoeing
   Homer - Harvey - and George when they were children on Turniptown
   Andrew with grandchildren, Francis, Barbara, and Fred Griffin
Andrew & Tammy at Turniptown
   Andrew and greatgrandaughter Tammy Lawter at Turniptown
Homer in Uniform
   Homer Andrew Lanning, son of Andrew
   Homer's children when young
Larry Lanning
   Grandson of Andrew
   Andrew's grandsons by Homer
   One of the last pictures of the group before the death of Inez. Bill, Harvey, Inez Lanning Griffin, and Mary Lanning Goble
Harvey Lanning
   Harvey Delmer Lanning, son of Andrew
   Harvey Lanning at Turniptown - 2002
George Lanning
   George Woodrow Lanning, son of Andrew
Bill Lanning
   An older picture of Francis Willard [Bill]
Bill Lanning Family
   [Bill] Francis Willard Lanning and his family
Inez and Mary at Minnies Grave
   Mary on left and Inez at their mother's grave in 1938
Inez and Tammy at Turniptown
   Inez with her granddaughter, Tammy Lawter, at Turniptown
Francis Griffin and Wayne Davenport 1993
   Wayne Davenport and Francis William Griffin at Turniptown
Harvey Lanning-Wayne Davenport-Bill Griffin
   Harvey Lanning - Wayne Davenport - Bill Griffin at Turniptown in 1993
Marys Family
   Mary Lanning Goble and her family in Dalton Georgia
   Mary Lanning Goble and her daughter, Mary Margaret, at Turniptown in 2002
Mary in Younger Days
Mary in Florida
Mary and Dub
   Mary Lanning and Dub Garret, her first husband, who was killed in a well accident in 1948
Mary and Harold
   Mary Lanning and Harold Goble, her second husband
Andrew and Western
   Older picture of Andrew and John Western
   An older photo of brothers, Will - Andrew - Lester - and Noah
Noah and Andrew
   Brothers Noah and Andrew at Turniptown. One of the last photos of each before illness began to take over their bodies.


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