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Joseph Enos Lanning

Emma Henson


Joseph Enos Lanning  -- Emma Henson

Joseph was born 3 Jun 1876 in Gilmer County, Georgia, the fourth child of Joshua Thomas Lanning (1847 - 1918) and Mary C. Stewart (1852 - 1890).

Emma was born on 22 February, 1879 in Gilmer County, Georgia to George W. Henson (1859 -    ) and Vandora Rogers (    -    )

Emma and Joseph Enos Lanning

Grandma Emma Lanning in 1968

Joseph and Emma were married in Gilmer County, Georgia on January 18, 1897 and began a life together  raising eleven children, listed below.

Death made it's first claim on June 11, 1942 when at age 66, Joseph left this life for the eternal home that awaited. He died in Cherokee County, Georgia and was returned to the mountains of his roots for burial. Joseph was buried in the Turniptown Baptist Church Cemetery.

Emma lived for many years after the death of Joseph but death has a claim for each of us and he finally claimed Emma at the age of 101 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia. She was returned to the mountains to be laid to rest beside her husband at Turniptown Baptist Church.  Life had separated them for a while but death united them once again.

Children of Joseph and Emma

1 M Elmer Lanning    2 M Horace Monroe Lanning
3 M Kimsey Lanning 4 F Mary Lee Lanning
5 F Minnie Mae Lanning 6 M Joseph Robert Lanning
7 F Leah Lanning 8 F Ella Lanning
9 M Glen Lanning 10 F Maggie Jane Lanning
11 M Clifford Jack Lanning  



Horace was born in November of 1897 in Gilmer County, Georgia.

Horace first married Amanda (Mandy) Maud Key, born August 3, 1898, about 1919.








Horace and Amanda Key Lanning

Amanda Key Lanning

This marriage produced three children: Inez (1925), Ada (1929) and  Herbert (1931). The marriage was not to be long term though because Amanda died about 1932.

Horace married for the second time to Vera Belle West who was born about 1916. There were no children born to this couple.

Attached are a few general notes I have been provided for Horace Lanning and his family.

bulletHorace caught his second wife, Vera with another man and shot him in the chest. Horace also killed a man by stabbing him in a fight, declared self defense, when he was younger and was working at the mill at the time.
bulletAccording to Ada, his daughter, Horace had a really bad temper when younger ... but she worshiped him. If she ever had a hero it was her father.
bullet1920 - Federal Census, Cherokee County, Canton, Georgia -- Horace was listed in the household of his father-in-law, Pinkney Key along with his wife "Manda".
bullet1930 - Federal Census, Cherokee County, Canton, Georgia (April 5th) -- Horace, 31, Amanda, Inez, and Ada are listed in a rental house and working at the cotton mill. Also in the house was Horace's brother, Kimsey Lanning, aged 27.
bullet1930 - Federal Census, Gilmer County, Ellijay Mill District, (April 15th) -- Horace M., 31, is listed in his father's household. [I am not sure why Horace managed to get himself counted in two census'.]

The following photos have been provided by Horace's family for inclusion here for all the family to enjoy.  Thanks Gwen.


Horace Monroe Lanning


Horace Lanning Family - L-R [Vera "Gail Smith, Vera Belle Lanning with Deborah Smith in front of her, Charles McFarland, Horace Lanning with Gwen Smith in front of him, Ada Paralee Lanning, Emma Henson Lanning

Ada Lanning

Ada P. Lanning -- daughter of Horace Lanning


Ralph Lamar Smith -- Husband of Ada P. Lanning


Charles McFarland -- Ada's oldest child when he was about 13

Gwen, Debbie, and Gail Smith with  Martha Ghorley, the daughter of Inez