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SEPTEMBER 28, 2003

Once again the Lanning Reunion in Ellijay was held with lots of good food and fantastic fellowship. A rousing THANK YOU is due to Glenda L. Gibson for her time, effort, and expertise to bring it about.


If someone you know was absent, let them know they missed a good time and to plan for the next one in 2004. Spread the word to as many of our family as you can and let’s outgrow the community room and have to rent a mountain or a meadow to hold our relatives – I know we have many.

Glenda had asked in her memo to consider a family cookbook – not for sale and profit but for enjoyment by Lanning Family members. I am not sure of the status of this project at the present but if you have an interest, give her a call.

 The year 2003 was like all the years before – it claimed some precious souls from our family. I wish I could list all those that have departed but I am unaware of most of them. Here are the few I know about:

 Bobby Craddock -- 2003

William Floyd Maner -- 2003

Robert Benjamin Painter -- 2003

Louise Norton -- 16 November 2003

Naomi Walker McCain -- 27 Jun 2003

Please take a moment to give thanks to God for the precious memories we have of these and to remember their family that has been left behind.

Click here to view photos of the reunion

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