George Lester Family

   George Lester and Catherine Rackley Lanning
catherine & children
   Jewell, Catherine, Katherine, Gusta, and Pauline
George Pics
   Various pictures of George Lester Lanning
catherine pics
   Various pictures of Catherine Rackley Lanning
George Lester Tombstone
   Taken in 2002
Catherine R. Lanning Tombstone
   Taken in 2002
the geo lester lanning family
   George Lester Lanning family gathering
lester&cattys children
   Omie, Vernie, Bill, and Essie -- children of Lester and Catty
Group of Lannings
Noralee-Noah-Essie Allred
   Aunt Noralee, Uncle Noah, and Essie Lanning Allred
various pics
   Various photos of family members
various pics 2
   Top left [Essie & Sam Allred] Top middle [Omie & Wayne Messer] Top right [Vernie & Alice Lanning] Middle left [Bill & Nora Lanning] Middle right [Jewell & Herbert Ashe] Botton left [Pauline & Tom Fitts] Bottom right [ Katherine & Bill Smith]
various 3
   Various pictures of Essie Lanning Allred and Sam Allred and their children
various 4
   Various pictures of the family
various 5
   Omie Lanning Messer and Wayne Messer
various 6
   Various pictures of Vernie Lanning and Alice Pendley Lanning and children
various 7
   Bill and Nora Ray Lanning
various 8
   Agusta Jane [Gusta] Lanning
various 9
   Early school picture -- can you find Jewell?
various 10
   Carrie Pauline Lanning and Tom Fitts plus daughter Susan and niece Martha Ashe Davenport and Polly Fitts
various 11
   Olive Katherine Lanning Smith and Willie Lee Smith
Vernie and Alice Tombstone
   Photo taken in December 2002
Gusta Lanning Tombstone
   Photo taken in December 2002
   Brothers - Will, Andrew, Lester, and Noah Lanning
Lanning Group Picture at Turniptown
   Francis Marion children group photo at Turniptown
Carrie Pauline Lanning Fitts
   Pauline in Canton Ga. , December 2002
Junior and Mary Ann
   Lou Lanning Holcombe, Mary Ann Henson Johnson, Vernie Lanning Jr., and Susan Stepp at Canton Ga. December 2002
Lisa Fitts Evans
   Lisa at Canton Ga. December 2002
Lou-Mary Ann-Junior-Susan
   At Canton Ga, December 2002
Susan Stepp Copeland
   Daughter of Pauline Lanning Fitts -- At Canton Ga, December 2002
   [A. L. Allred - son of Essie], [Lisa Fitts Evans - daughter of Pauline], [Susan Stepp Copeland - daughter of Pauline], and [Pauline Lanning Fitts] in Canton Ga. in December of 2002
Junior Lanning
   Vernie Lanning Jr. in Canton Ga. December 2002
Simpson Lanning Tombstone
   Lester Simpson Lanning - infant son of Lester and Catherine - buried in the Turniptown Church Cemetery
Ashe Family Picture
   Seated are Herbert and Jewell Lanning Ashe. Jewell is the daughter of George Lester Lanning and Herbert is the son of David and Lily Raye Ashe. Standing L-R are Raye Ashe, Martha Ashe Davenport, and Johnny Davenport. Raye and Martha are the children of Herbert and Jewell.
Herbert and Jewell Ashe later picture
   A later picture of Jewell Lanning Ashe and Herbert Ashe
Herbert-Jewell Ashe Picture
   An early picture of Herbert and Jewell Lanning Ashe.
Martha & Johnny Picture
   Martha [daughter of Edna Jewell Lanning and Herbert Ashe] Johnny [son of Melvin and Artie Ransom Davenport]
   Martha and family. - Front row: Martha Ashe Davenport with husband Johnny - Rear: L-R: David Davenport, Gail Whitney Davenport - wife of David, and Stephen Davenport


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