Margaret L Painter

John Painter-Rev
   Reverend John was the son of Alston and Phoebe Painter -- married Margaret Adeline Lanning, daughter of John J. and Annie Lanning
Margaret Lanning Painter
   Daughter of John J. and Annie Lanning John Painter and Margaret are both buried in the Turniptown Church Cemetery
Andy & Violet Painter
   Andy Walter Painter, son of John and Margaret Violet Ophelia Henson, daughter of John Wiley and Hulda Henson
Maggie, Lois, Willa Mae, Winkie & Annie Painter
   Daughters of Andy and Violet Henson Painter
Thomas, Violet and Nathaniel Painter
Ralph Painter
   Photo taken from the book "History of Gilmer County" Ralph was the son of Rev. John and Margaret Painter
Wayne Davenport & Francis Griffin- 1993
   Wayne is the son of James and Winnie Painter Davenport Francis is the son of Inez Lanning Griffin, daughter of Andrew Photo taken at Turniptown Church Cemetery about 1993
Harvey Lanning-Wayne Davenport-Bill Griffin
   Harvey is the grandson of Francis Marion Lanning Wayne is the grandson of Ralph Painter Francis is the grandson of Andrew Lanning
Wayne Davenport- 2002
   Wayne Davenport with his grandson at Turniptown Church homecoming 2002
Joan Rice Davenport Gravestone
   Wife of Wayne Franklin Davenport , 'Frog'.


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